Our Story

Adam and I met in the fall of our senior year at Auburn University. We both grew up in Birmingham and probably crossed paths multiple times without knowing it. In high school when I was praying about where to go to college I had this strong feeling that my school would be where my husband would be. My lifelong dream and desires were to be a Godly and loving wife, mother and teacher, so to Auburn I went. I spent lots of time doubting whether that feeling was true and it wasn't until I surrendered it to God and quit looking (well quit looking so hard) that I met Adam. We traveled in the same circle of friends and many people can claim they have a stake in getting us together.  I asked him to my fall formal and on the way we ended up sharing our testimonies. When we got off the bus at the Montgomery Zoo he took my hand getting off the bus and didn't let go the rest of the night. And that was it. I have always been attracted to Adam's faith in God, his commitment to do the right thing, they way he serves me and others, and his beautiful eyes.  When we were dating I really had no idea how blessed I was to have been chosen by this man. He is constant proof of God's love and provision for me. Adam has so many qualities in a partner that I didn't even know I would need. 

After graduating from Auburn  Adam did an internship in Washington D.C. and I started my Master's program at Montevallo. We were engaged after Adam returned and was hired on by the Tuscaloosa News. We were married in January of 2005 and began the crazy adventure of our life together. 

In March of 2007 we were surprised to learn that God had blessed us with our first child. Noah was born a bit early in November of that same year. And this blog was created to chronicle the adventures of being a working wife and mother. Noah is the best thing that could have happened to us and we are beyond blessed to be his parents. He constantly keeps us on our toes and laughing. He has shown me just what I am capable of. Being his mother has truly made me a better person as God uses motherhood to stretch and purify me. His timing is perfect and Noah is truly a gift from Him. Noah's Birth Story can be read here. And  here. One of my favorite posts about Noah is the summary of his first year and it can be read here.
In the summer of 2009 we began discussing the idea of adding another little blessing to our crazy life that we love.Miller was born in August of 2010. He is so joyful and sweet. He fits perfectly into our family and already can't imagine our lives without him. I treasure watching the relationship between my two boys grow.  Our announcement of being pregnant with Miller can be read here. And his birth story can be read here.

This blog,  while it does document the growth of my two adorable children, has really turned out to be a story of my struggle and attempts to honor God with my life. Dying to self is not something that comes easy to me but I do desire for my life to be like a pleasing song of praise to Him. To be a life, that while simple or ordinary,  brings Him pleasure and delight. So many times I have recieved encouragment through the comments of others as they too struggle with the challenges and revel in the joys of motherhood and life in genral. And I hope that my blog does that for others.