One Thousand Gifts

My mom recently read the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. She has asked me to read it and I am eagerly waiting to get my hands on it. I have poured over her website and read the first chapter online. The basic premise is to find joy and blessings in your everyday life. And record them. Write them down all the way to one thousand and more. I love this. God's blessings in my life are abounding and they are the way He is speaking to me. Telling me he loves me. So I thought I would keep me blessings journal here. All the way to one thousand and more.

Update 3/18 - I now have a copy (thanks mom!) and I am loving it! I am savoring it and reading it slow to let it all sink in. It is very rich and wonderfully written. I am always stopping to share things with Adam. I highly recommend it!

1. Race cars. Everywhere. Tonight they are in my bed. A constant reminder of the little boy who leaves them in his wake.

2. The color of a bright blue sky.

3. Baby laughter.

4. Seven hours of straight sleep.

5. Running two straight minutes on the treadmill and not passing out.

6. Song lyrics that seem written just for me in just that moment.

7. Unexpected hugs from friends.

8. Funny phrases by toddlers.

9. Rays of sunshine breaking through dark clouds.

10. The open container of BBQ sauce I was dipping my chicken in on the way to church Wednesday night fell off my lap but landed right side up. 

11. The color of robin's eggs.

12. Getting deals on Ebay.

13. Blowing bubbles with three year olds.

14. Falling asleep in the arms of my husband.

15. Taking pictures.

16. cupcakes

17. Pregnant glowing women.

18. My little boy asking to snuggle.

19. Miller's big easy smiles.

20. The generosity of my sisters.

21. Laying on my back looking up at the sky.

22. The stream behind a jet neon white against the sky.

23. The hot pink tinted light behind purple clouds at sunset.

24. Yummy food and good friends.

25. The women who live on my street and the kind of mothers and friends they are.

26. Co workers who try to cheer me up.

27. EBay.

28, Blowing bubbles.

29. Thunderstorms when I am safe inside snuggled in bed in the arms of my husband.

30. Safe places

31. emergency workers

32. our mayor...his level head and heart for this city.

33. The work being done here and the work yet to be done.

34. volunteers and volunteering

35. ear thermometers

36. preschoolers in mud puddles

37. the last few days of the school year

38. a mother who anticipates needs and fills them

39. a loving husband

40. safety in storms

41. humor of three year olds

42. making it through bootcamp without throwing up

43. the ability to excercise

44. the unconditional love of my husband, he loves me even when I am crazy

45. unsolicited Miller smiles

46. an amazing Godly earthly father who still loves me so much

47. an amazing Godly earthly Father In Law who loves me too

48. an amazing Godly earthly father to raise my sons

49. a new wreath for my door

50. creating

51. cleaning, yes cleaning