Monday, January 21, 2008

The Delivery

Once checked in to the hospital I was given magnesium sulfate in order to prevent any further damage to my kidneys and prevent seizures. It made me feel like I had the flu and a fever of 104. The next morning at 5:30 the gave me the medicine to begin the induction. A couple of hours later I had the miracle epidural. With the mix of these three powerful drugs I don't remember much of the eleven hours of labor. There are many stories circulating. Around four it was time to start pushing. We had an amazing nurse whose encouragement and support I will never forget. She stayed four hours after shift for me and Noah. I was able to deliver because of her and her support. Noah's head was turned wrong which complicated things even further, so after three hours of pushing suction was used to get Noah out the last little bit. Noah was unresponsive and slow to come around so after letting me see him briefly they rushed him and Adam down to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Our family waited for five hours for him to return and meet all of us. Around 12:30 Noah came back from the NICU. It was amazing to watch everyone meet the little baby they had been praying for! Later that night around three a.m. we sent Noah to the nursery to try to catch a little shut eye. While in the nursery a nurse noticed Noah turning a little blue and a drop in his temperature. This set off a series of tests that landed Noah in the NICU for a week. This was the hardest week in my life emotionally. A new mom , without a baby. I had been so sick and been through so much without my baby to show for it. I knew he was fine. You could look at his sweet little face and see he was okay. During that we week Adam had a flat tire, I had a root canal, we got a parking ticket. and things just wouldn't go our way. Now it makes for a funny story as we look back at the difficulties to see all the lessons God taught us. The Friday after Thanksgiving we were able to take Noah home and begin our new adventure into parenthood.

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