Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Story of Watching

Adam and I are doing the Experiencing God study on Wednesday nights. It is a wonderful study and I totally encourage you to do it sometime. The big take away for me a third into it is to be listening and watching for where God is already at work and joining him. This week I got to share this story...

Several weeks ago we gave an early literacy test to our schools and the benchmarks are so very high and our results were not so pretty. And I tend to own that data. I stress over it and pray over it and worry over it. And this year I have asked others to really pray for our K-2 babies and their reading. They are even on the prayer list at a neighborhood church that support us regularly.

Last Sunday we were worshiping and I was handing over my feeling of insignificance and longing to be more for Him. And I had tears streaming down my face as I heard him tell my heart be your best for the least of these and flashed those scores in my head. It is not insignificant what you do for these. I see you and I love you. I m so thankful for that sweet encounter. I fell asleep lifting those little readers up to the Lord. I was ready to watch for where he was at work.

I woke up and the urge to immediately check my work email. Which I never do! I did and had a message waiting from a connection at the University. She had some students to place with struggling readers to provide intensive tutoring with special software. Time was of the essence and did I think I could help? Uhm, yes. I called her and she offered me double the number of original spots she mentioned in the email. Everything fell into place. Placing these students all in one grade level allows me to place all my volunteers with my other grade level. A plan is coming together. I was so grateful for an answer to prayer. Because really y'all being a strong reader for an at risk poverty student is a game changer. A life changer.

After sharing my simple little story and member of our class shared a story that brought confirmation of His message to me. He sees me. He loves me. What I do is important to Him and the Kingdom. I can have a circle bigger than what I can see at this viewpoint. I need to be in tune to Him and have my eyes and heart open to His workings around me.


Mom said...

Yes! HE sees you. HE is at work in your midst. Keep watching for those daily signs. Keep joining Him where He is!
Such a sweet encouragement for each of us, right where we are. Thank you, my girl, for all you do!

Sandra said...

God is so good. It's powerful when we can share what God is doing in our lives today. So grateful for God's provision of peace and relief for the desire of your heart.

Robin said...

I LOVE your story!!! Can you share more of what prayer needs you have? Both for your students and your neighborhood loves? I am hungry to pray for them and YOU!!! Praying over those little readers along with you!!!