Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Fall has Flown By

First let me say.... I refuse REFUSE to give up on this blog. I adore this little space. It is a free spot for memory keeping and getting things off my chest and a little bit of therapy. So no. I might not write as often but I refuse to give up. 
In a weak attempt to catch you up on the several weeks which I have left you hanging....

We have been hanging out on our neighborhood porches. Playing games and watching football and doing community. I love every minute. A few weeks ago some of the ladies stayed up past midnight after watching an episode of Nashville our weekly indulgence talking about motherhood and schools. Those conversations are precious to me. Real and respectful to the many differing viewpoints. 
We did not however make it to a big pumpkin patch. I am not sure if it really is fall without this major event. Fortunately I seem to be the only one scarred or grieving over this tragedy. My baby love was gracious enough to pose in this church pumpkin patch so his Aunt Cree could have a selfie. My other pumpkins also took some pics that Mimi shot to provide me some comfort. 

We visited the wrong campus for some tailgating. We actually enjoyed ourselves. Some more than others. Mostly because several pretty college girls gave my two boys high fives during the parade. Help me. 
We have had several haircuts. Some self inflicted. Others to fix the self inflicted. But we are still adorable. 

We had a "Halloween Thing" in our new neighborhood. We went through a lot of candy and 70 orange balloons (Pumpkin Patch Stomp) in about 15 minutes. And the. Had to filibust for the rest of 
the hour. 

We were Darth Vader in the rain. 

And Harry Potter again. We trick or treated with some sweet friends. And got soaking wet and shared some good soup. While our boys laughed and played and ate gobs of candy.
We played some flag football. We shared some germs. We tried to have a family devotional at dinner to only be successful a quarter of the time. We were rowdy. And we were sweet. Mostly we lived life. Sometimes in survival mode and sometimes savoring the sweet spots. 
We try. We win some and we lose some but we sure do try to love on these sweet loves in these days that are flying past. 

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Robin said...

Please don't give it up. I love reading your words. Love you!