Thursday, September 3, 2015

The New Friends

Every afternoon, weather premitting, these neighborhood buds enjoy each other's company and play until we drag them indoors for baths and bed. Four very different personalities each with different strengths and passions but endless hours of entertainment. We miss Brooke and other Bristolwood friends fiercely but I am thankful for these four friends. They are an answer to a heart's cry and precious prayer. And when I stand on the porch watching them or deny them a fourth popsicle or resist stepping in to solve a conflict, I silently thank God for knowing what is best for our little family and for His plan. 
The other night I heard a basketball game  going in pretty late and I peeked outside to see my neighbors' four teenage kids playing a pick up game and laughing and enjoying each other and I couldn't help but think of the younger set and of what a privilege it will be to watch them grow together! 

Thank you Father for the plans you had for our family. For the friends you had ready for the boys. For the way they all play and enjoy life together while still being so true to who you made them to be. Grow them with your truth and love. Help us as thei parents to encourage and love them as you would. 

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