Thursday, September 3, 2015

The First Weeks of School

We have survived the first three weeks of school! 
Noah is loving the Magnet! He says PE and the playground are the best parts. Riding the bus there and back from UPES is also a highlight. 

I think he is having a bit of an adjustment from being practically family at UP to not knowing many people. He will get there. I have been proud of how well he is handling it and how brave he is. 

I am not adjusting as well. My boy doesn't tell me everything but I could always just pop in or ask his teachers but those days are over. Trying to adjust! 

Miller and Kindergarten.... 
Last year Miller walked right intoNorthport  Elementary for Pre K like a champ. No looking back. I figured having spent so much time at UP and being so close to his teacher his transition would be non existent. He has been looking forward to being in her class for two years. 
But he has had a harder time than I expected. He shed many tears the first several days. But he has turned a corner and is growing much more independent. Not only that but growing academically. He is learning sight words and new songs. He tells me all about his day and pretends school at home. When he fully adjusts he will be super happy and flourish! 
These are his reward stickers for no tears shed for different sections of the day. I am always thankful for Erin Flowers but I am just so grateful for her love of my boys(and really all her kiddos). 

As for my start... It has been busy and stressful but I am grateful to be back with my people! I love my school family! I feel blessed that God placed me here at this time. 

Dear Father, 
I pray for this school year. I pray for Noah that he will be challenged and learn just how big the world You created is and all the many things that wait for his exploration. I pray he grows in mind and spirit. I pray his curiosity only grows. I pray you open his eyes to new friendships and new ways to bless others. And mostly I pray he will seek after You. I pray for Miller he will be brave and know you are always with him. I pray that this year builds in him a strong foundation for a love of school and learning. I pray that his feisty yet sweet spirit helps him establish new friendships. I pray for him to be a blessing to those who know him. I pray your blessing on UP this year. For safety. For grace. For healing of those with hurts. For strengthening of skills and confidence. For a spark. For others to be blessed by the things that make it such a special school! I love you Lord and pray that all I do in this building brings you glory. Thank you for blessing me with a job I love so much! 

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