Monday, August 10, 2015

The New Five Year Old

My sweet and spicy Miller Man,

Happy Birthday my love! What a wonderful year you have had. You took big leaps and brave steps as you navigated through Pre K and moved into a new home.

You have grown more assertive and bolder in your choices and decisions. But I love the way you still take my hand and I whisper a prayer or thanks for the way it still fits so small in mine. You may fight invisible ninjas all the time but you still love a good snuggle and bedtime song. 

You are growing into your larger than life personality and sometimes you might experience a bump or two in that process. But I know that your personality will serve you well in life. 

Five is such a big big year! Kindergarten! I may not be ready but you are! I know you will thrive. You will win over everyone with that smile of yours.
I pray that I will have the courage to let you be you. You are so full of surprises and sometimes my reaction is to tighten my grip.

You bring us so much joy and laughter. I know you will spread that joy to others beyond our walls and family. We love you so much! 

I look forward to watching you conquer the world. But if you could slow down a little I'd appreciate it.

I love you so very much!
Love, Momma

Dear God, 
Thank you so much for entrusting Miller to Adam and I. He adds so much life and spunk to our family. I pray that in this next year you help him to be brave as he grows into his big personality. I pray that you help Adam and I be guides on the path you have laid before him. I pray we would not be hindrances. Help us to cherish all of him. Help us to continue to lay a foundation of love and grace in his precious heart! 

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