Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Back Porch

In the old house I didn't have a back porch. We had a covered patio. But now we have two big back porches. Total luxury. They are double decks and I love them. The bottom has a tin covering and ceiling fans. And they both offer beautiful views of life being lived out in the green space. I can watch the boys play and make new friends. I can invite neighbors to come and sit a spell and they do. I share Popsicles and card games with neighborhood kids. And slowly on my back porch I build relationships. I can sit in my rocking chair and dream about my swing and back porch dining table while I teach a group of seven year olds Go Fish. We can look through one if our windows at the tank where our hermit crabs live and make daily observations. But my favorite thing to do is sit out here at night with Adam. I look at all the back porches of my neighbors and I am just super grateful for our spot in this special place and for the life we will build here. Tonight as we watch the lighting from the approaching storm I marvel at God's works both big and small. He has blessed us beyond what I could have imagined for this path He chose for us in this new place is full of chances to love and be loved in so many ways. 

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