Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Green House

For a year or so I have felt the undercurrents of change. Something was brewing and a move was on the horizon. I felt that this certainly meant we were on our way home, back to Birmingham or even to my second home, Auburn. But somewhere a few months back God said to our hearts you are home. At the same time He had been writing new chapters of our story and we didn't even see it. A Bible study, a connection through a fair wage jewelry show, a book, a burdened heart, a conference, dissatisfaction of the heart, a desire for more chances to show the world His love, a quick sale, two closed doors and a new wide open path that led us to our new home... The Green House. 

Our new house has a name as do most houses around it. The Brown House, White House, Grey House, Blue House, Yellow House, Red Roof House, Brayden House, the Tree House, the Red House, the Pink House, and the unofficialy nicknamed Ark. These houses are remodeled or built across from the West Circle Housing Projects. They form an intentional loving community of believers who seek to do real life together. The Brown House began it all 13 years ago and runs a non profit organization that does after school programming and summer activities for the children of West Circle. The Brayden House provides shelter and support for families displaced while their babies are in the NICU at area hospitals. 

Our neighbor's have all been loving and welcoming and accepting. The boys have jumped right in and love spending their days playing in the common green area several of the houses form. The house is absolutely beautiful and we love its atmosphere.  We are blessed by God's choice for us in this next chapter and truly look forward to building memories here and intentionally loving on this community we are now a part of.

 The Brown House has a wonderful Facebook and Instagram account that I encourage you to follow to see all of the comings and goings on. 

From the Neighborhood Talent Show this week! 


Robin said...

Can't wait to see the house! So excited for y'all and this journey! Love you!!!

Sandra said...

It's a beautiful house with loving neighbors. May your ministry in this community impact everyone for good and see the love of God.
Love you all,