Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Heart Changes

I am not sure if you are aquatinted with my new BFF Jen Hatmaker. If you are you understand how excited I was to hear her speak several weeks ago and meet her and get this photo opp:

I first fell in love with her writing last Spring with her famous blog post about being the worst end of the year school mom ever. Look this post up and read it if  you have ever wilted in April with your checking the folder/backpack/etc.  Then she went on the Style for Justice Africa trip with Noonday and SheReadsTruth peeps this summer. This Justice study and her words began little seeds in my heart. Like slow growing creeper vines. The Lord began to whisper to me through related devotionals, sermons, Sunday School, friends and such. The least of these. The least of these. The least of these. And as my year progressed the message became clearer. 

When I had the chance to go hear Jen Hatmaker speak He used her to confirm the heart whispers and clarify a bit. Love the least where you are. Where I placed you. I began to read my newly autographed copy of "Interupted" in small devastating doses. Jesus began to wreck my heart. For Him and his people. His people in Tuscaloosa. My city. Love them. Serve them. Heal them. 

This is a change of heart. For the past decade my dreams have been about getting out of this town. Moving home to Birmingham or to my beloved Auburn. But for the next chapter of my life my home is here. The next steps are to stop wishing away my time in TTown and to love it. And it's people. Say yes to His plans for us here and not resist them. I had a lot of confession and apologizing to do. But I feel such peace. 

Later I will share more about the state of my heart and the house about to be put on the market and community. But tonight I encourage you to listen and be still what are your whispered messages? How is God confirming those for you? 

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