Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Savannah Trip

Adam and I were blessed to be able to steal away for several days to Savannah,GA to celebrate our ten years if married bliss. 
To say we enjoyed ourselves would be an understatement. 
From lazy brunches....
 To precious hotels...
To romantic squares upon squares...

Savannah was good to us! 

We rested. We walked.

 We dreamed together and hashed current decisions out uninterrupted. 

And we ate. A lot. 

We enjoyed being spoiled by special treats and shout outs. 

We celebrated St. Patrick's with the locals. 

We saw green goats and pigs. 

We really enjoyed soaking each other in and not having to share each other with little ones. 

A big thank you to our parents for keeping the boys! 

And hoping we don't wait another ten years to take another little getaway to this beautiful spot! 

Also did I mention the food?? 

Lulu's Chocolate Bar. That is all I need to say.....

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