Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Author

Noah boy is a self published author. He has authored a several book series titled Harry Jones. It is very similar to another series featuring a dark haired Harry. He spends his free time staing together papers and writing new chapters. It is precious! 

Even sweeter is the reaction of his sweet teacher. She let him place his books in her class library. And then she let other students check them out. How empowering this was for a young author. 

Our famous author is trying to save up 100$ to open a checking account. So he sold his series to a very adoring fan. But don't worry! He recently came out with his newest work: "Harry Jones Eat All Book: A Cookbook". 
Recipes include chocolate cake, steak and chicken from Publix. 
You can use a mixer or a fork and hit it :)

I love Noah's creativity. Such a precious stage he is in! 

Thank you Father for the way you knit Noah together! He is a creative and interesting little boy. I love watching him discovering and navigating his world. He is a delight. Thank you for the blessing he is to us. Help us to guide him but not reshape him. Help us always find the precious, creative and delightful. 

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Laudan said...

How adorable, I am SO impressed!! That is really precious :-)