Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The World is Heavy but Life is Good

I am very blessed to remain good friends with some if my college besties. We maintain an active group text that ranges from random internet fun, Auburn memories, daily life snap shots to contests we make up. But what I love the most about these texts is the encouragement I glean from our "chatter". I may often feel isolated in the busy stage of life I am in but these string of texts keep me grounded to the truth that I am blessed to have great friends both near and far. 

Recently our text threads have been filled with serious prayer requests and concerns. They reflect real grown up lives as we face death of loved ones, unexpected loss of peers, and health concerns and fears. The world around us seems to have, as one friend put it, gotten "heavy". 

And her words really put my thoughts and feelings this winter into words. Heavy. I look at the heartbreak, destruction, evil and just darkness that fills the news and I want to hide with my husband and children in an underground bunker until Christ comes back or I run out of food. Then there are the stories of the people I know... Cancer and illnesses and broken bones all too young. A baby lost just before full term. Unending prayer request lists. And my heart grows weary and heavy. Winter drags on. My own discouragement at life's small problems grow. Dreams stalled. Moves and the unmoved. 

But just like always Spring springs forth and He reminds me Life is Beautiful! Life is hard and ugly and painful. It breaks you down. But oh He loves! His love is in the little things and in the big things. His mercy is new every morning. Every season. 

It is in these faces. 

It is in the choice we make to keep going. To go out each day and live and shine and love in His name. 

So when the "winter" and the "weight" of this world make my heart feel oh so heavy I hope and pray I remember to see His love in it all. 

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Mom said...

Just saw this. Needed it tonight as I am feeling a little HEAVY myself. Those little faces at the end. Sigh! They make it all ok.....the circle of life continues. Precious, sweet faces of the young. Like a fresh wave of hope. Tomorrow will dawn. New grace. New reasons to chose to smile right in front of me.
Thanks my girl!