Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Sign

I remeber the time I first met my neighbor. We were both pregnant with our firstborns. We stood in the driveway exchanging pleasantries.

 We didn't know just how much driveway time we would log together. 

Our little babies came and grew to be fast friends. They were in the same class at daycare for five years. They spent all day at school together and then would come home and play until we had to drag them indoors. 

And as we watched our little ones play we shared life and motherhood together. She became one of my best friends. Our street became a magical place full of laughter, big wheels, bikes, bubbles, water play, and a lot of fun. 

At one point our neighborhood gang included several families and over 15 kids seven and under. Our street was something special.  Their encouragement and shared stories and wisdom helped make me a better wife and mother. 
Our children will never forget those memories with their neighborhood friends! 

Little by little families began to leave the street for more space and opportunities for their families in other places. But yesterday the inevitable occurred....
A sign went up in the yard next door. 

I can never thank these neighbors enough for the love they showed us and the memories they built. They are irreplaceable and set the standard high. 
But they would really like to sell their house, so if you know anyone in the market for some new neighbors the Jonses are available! But a love for outdoor play and pretend is a must. 
We will miss you!!

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