Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Morning

Christmas in our home is modest. Santa brings three presents just Baby Jesus got . He fills their stockings with little things and candy. And we give two presents trying to make one a sentimental or memory making gift. Our boys make simple requests. Last year Miller asked for M&Ms and Chapstick, this year a cash register and Mr. Potato Head. Noah asked for a bike and jump rope. (And an Xbox...). It doesn't take long to rip through but Adam and I feel like it helps us emphasize that the greatest gift is Christ.
 In the morning their joy in the simplicity of that bike and cash register and Harry Potter book stuffed at the bottom of his stocking helps me realize we made the right choice for our family. Excitement is there mixed with thankfulness and surprise. And I am truly grateful for the wonder in their eyes and hearts. I wish it was this easy for me to approach the throne. Simple and free with wonder mixed with thanks and surprise. 

Merry Christmas! 

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