Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Year in Review 2014 Edition

When I look back on 2014 I smile. I can see God painting His love all over our family with a big paintbrush. I feel so blessed. It was just a year, nothing out of the ordinary or extraordinary. It was full of growth and smiles, discipline and loss, laughter and tears. 
In the winter we had some snow. We were blessed to all make it home and safe and had Papa with us. We got to keep Papa overnight which was a special treat. Papa worked in Tuscaloosa a few days a week and would eat dinner with us and read stories. Such sweet memories he built. I also had the chance to have a college reunion weekend in Nashville with some of my favorites. 
In the spring we were busy with soccer and side trips to Birmingham, Auburn and Atlanta. We celebrated Easter and spent lots of time enjoying the pretty weather. My mom gave me and my sisters a special treat with a weekend to the beach! 

In May we said goodbye to our precious Charlie. He really was the best dog ever and we miss him everyday! 

Before we knew it summer was upon us and we had a blast with friends and family! 

In the fall Noah and I started our second year at University Place where Noah continues to thrive as a leader. Miller was accepted through a lottery into Northport Elementary's Pre K program. We were sad to leave Christ Harbor but he has really grown in his new school! My parents finished up work on our family retreat at my Granny's old house and we spent a few weekends enjoying the fruits of their labor. 

Then the Holiday season was upon us beginning with pumpkins and ending with a birthday party for Jesus. 

I am so thankful for the sense of His precense I had in my days and weeks and months this year. I saw Him go before me in big and little things. The year was a treasure and a lesson in the security He brings. As we walk into 2015 (or limp as three of the four of us recover from the flu) I pray over the 362 days ahead and ask that we rest in His Peace. Rest in the knowledge that He has us all in the palm of His hands. 

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