Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Awe

I have decided that four years old is the perfect age for Christmas wonder and excitement! Everyday Miller's precious questions and remarks are just precious. He is super excited. He loves all things holidays and celebrations like his momma! But he is not yet consumed by the selfishness of being an expectant kid at Christmas where he asks for everything and expects it all. He is just excited.... 
Mommy does Santa know Jesus? I think Jesus loves Santa. 

Mommy tomorrow is Christmas because it is December. 

Mommy can we read a Christmas story? 

Jesus was a little baby!! How did he get here from Heaven? 

Last night one of the Northport churches had a live nativity going. Miller plopped down in the grass and just stared in awe. He really believed he was seeing baby Jesus. It was the most precious thing. I always want to remember his wonderment of seeing the stable scene. How beautiful. I take those nativities for granted. But Miller he deemed it amazing. We had to drag him away. It gave new appreciationto child like faith and coming to Jesus as a child. 

Thank you sweet Father for the illustration of awe and wonderment. Thank you for letting me pause a minute with Miller and experience his little love for Jesus. How beautiful and sweet that was. Help me not forget what coming to you should look like. 


Sandra said...

So sweet! Four year olds are the best! Miller is a treasure.
Children make the season so special.

Mimi said...

I wonder what Jesus felt as he watched Miller's amazement. How delighted He must be. Let's all come to Him this season as a little child, plopping right down in the grass drawn into the incredible wonder of God made man, coming down from heaven as a baby!
Thank you Miller, for sparking some wonder in my old soul.