Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Miller Man

Miller is quickly approaching his four year old birthday. The time. Where did it go?? 

He is still little. Thirty pounds soaking wet. But he has made great strides in his vocabulary acquisitions and chatter. He has great imaginative ideas. And so much energy. So much. 

He is so his own person. He can't be easily swayed. He will do what he wants when he wants. This fact creates a dilemma in trying to shape his will to fit a God centered framework. Thankfully he is mostly a sweetheart. He is still a cuddle bug. And will freely give hugs and kisses. 

I may have been pushing a little hard on the learning of the letters. We have been working really hard to recognize all our letters this summer before heading to 4k. He has six so far!! This is a jump from the letter M at the start if the spring. I need to remind myself that he will do it in his own time. Last night we were reading stories and decided to sing the ABC's. I was surprised to see he did really well with it! I called Adam in to hear and this is what he got..
" abcyandz now I know my ABC's and go to Ms. Michelle's class. "

We all about died laughing. Everything about Miller will be in his own time. Sweet, funny, cute little stinker. Oh how we love you! 

Thank you Father for the creation Miller is. We adore our littlest blessing. He keeps us guessing and reliant on You. I pray for Miller that You go before him. He is so unique that some may need preparation to love him the way he needs. Lay his path out and help Adam and I to be guides to your path and ways and certainly not hindrances or stumbling blocks. Give us both the wisdom to love him as he needs and to fill his heart with examples of your goodness and grace. 

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