Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Garden

My parents have an amazing backyard. My mom's garden is a magical place. Little treasures hide in each corner and it overflows with life and color. 

There is a small creek ( a really a directed drainage ditch, but don't tell the boys) that provides a great backdrop for dump trucks, a pretty bench made of wooden churches, a small stone patio with chairs for four, a picket fence, tiered flower beds with herbs too, interesting metal sculptures, a new bean pole tent, a sweet potting bench and my favorite the hammock. 
All together it makes for a special peaceful little spot, perfect for children or tired grown ups seeking some peace. 
There isn't too much a swing in the hammock can't make better.

Overall I look at and think of my parents and their sweat equity in creating it. But really I see it as a reflection of mothers heart. Overflowing with an appreciation for God's beautiful creation and a celebration of life beautiful. 

Hard work but worth it. Just as life. 

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