Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Noah Boy

Noah is turning into a big boy right in front of our eyes. He goes back in forth from fierce independence to uncertainty about doing things alone. Isn't that the biggest quandary about growing up? I still feel that way about some things. 

My sweet boy is all boy! This summer he is all about mud, wrestling his brother, more dirt, Transformers and wrestling his brother! Did I say that last one twice? ;)   He never really had horrible terrible twos (or maybe I feel that way now that I have had another two year old to compare him to) and I feel that he is just now really testing his limits. Almost like a teenager trying to decide who he is and why is it he follows the rules. 
He is such an awesome reader. Sometimes slightly hesitant but on the verge of a whole world of information. Right there for the taking. His curiosity sometimes feels unquenchable. I try so hard to answer all his questions with the patience he deserves. He is growing so quickly and I find him so beautiful that it catches my breath and heart at times. 

He makes me want to hold the reigns with a death grip. Make time slow down and not let him get too far ahead. I constantly need reminding that it is God in control of Noah's life and not me. I want to lay it all out in a perfect plan. But my plan is only an earthly short sighted one. Noah is part of God's big picture. And I want so bad to show him that. But I need to let God take those reigns...I stress so much I end up missing the now.
This little one is so full if potential! I do not feel qualified to be his mom sometimes. I just love him so! 

Thank you that you picked us to be Noah's parents. Help me to take the pressure off of myself to get it right this very second. And to not pressure him in any direction to pick things, attitudes, and thoughts that I would pick out for him. Help me just to let him be little. Help me to find the balance between valuing time that we are blessed with and rushing him to grow up in maturity. Help me enjoy him being little and being Noah. He is such a delight even in our tough moments! I am thankful for his light and the million questions he comes up with. Thank you so very much for this little one Lord. He is such a treasure. 

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