Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Love of my Life

I think I must be a super annoying roommate. I like all the lights on. All the time. I like the temp a little lower than he does. I leave breakfast dishes in the sink. I don't always load the dishwasher in the optimal way. Let's not get started on the state of housekeeping skills. I am always trying some new diet in an attempt to make us healthier. I have to everything just so to fall asleep. 
This one... He doesn't seem to mind. I think he might find some of it endearing?..

He always supports me, humors me, serves me, gives in when he can. And he holds me steady when I feel myself slipping. I am so glad God knew what I needed in this life of ours:) 
And y'all he cleans ;) 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He is pretty amazing! Wish he'd used some of those cleaning skills when he was younger. He must have learned those skills by osmosis because he wasn't into cleaning at all while growing up. That fact should give young parents hope for the future :-)
Love you both!!