Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Nehemiah Study

For the past few weeks I have doing the She Reads Truth Nehemiah Study. She Reads Truth is a fabulous online devotional community that I adore and have spoken about many times. I can't say enough about how thought provoking, well written, beautiful their devotional s are. They always point me to my Savior! With the last study and the upcoming two they paired with Jones Design Company to create a gorgeous study pack. 

This study has been one of the best! I loved having the study pack to hold in my hands. But mostly I loved the insight into the story of Nehemiah and what it taught me about my God. This study took us through the book and highlighted biblical compassion, wisdom, community, commitment, thanksgiving and the constant need for a Savior. It daily left me wanting to live a life of excellence, thankfulness, repentance and leaning on His strength to do those things. 

In paraphrasing one of the memory verses for the week to make it personal to me, I wrote this in the journaling portion...

"God's love is: ready to forgive me, is gracious to me, is merciful to me, is slow to grow angry with me, abounding towards me, and is steadfast. He will never forsake me." 

Based on Nehemiah 9:17b

During the study I became acutely aware of God's hand in the mundane especially an increase of awareness of the opportunities He gives to love others. Insight to prayers for strangers, like the veteran we encounter. In a response to a quick touch base email, he told me his two grandsons he spoke to us about had called him that day to go four wheeler riding and fishing with him. I was able to be just a tiny blessing to my dad by being in the right place at the right time. I had short conversations with multiple strangers in line where I felt that they needed a cheery smile. I have been keenly aware of His desire for me to slow down and take the time to notice the little things and opportunities to speak His love in the everyday. This is my wall, my work. The little things, which open doors for the seeds He is planting in others. 

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