Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Start to Summer

Summer has started. Our first official day together was yesterday. We all ended up on red. There was timeouts, spankings, melt downs in public, and shamefully I will admit yelling. It was not what I wanted.

Thankfully today was so much better.

We went with some friends from our school to the Fayette Aquatic Center. It was a great day. The boys were fantastic. They were helpful, joyful, and obedient. I was much more patient and relaxed. We made some great memories.

At home this afternoon the beautiful day continued playing with neighbors. I pulled out my real camera to capture the fun these sweet littles were having...

And ended up getting some beautiful images of these sweet kiddos that I love so much.

The difference in my day? My quiet time, in the morning before we did a thing. God's grace, peace and mercy drenched over us. Makes a difference in my responses to them. Makes a difference in all that we do.

I pray that He uses this summer, these short seven weeks to cause me to fall in love with them both deeper and deeper. And that that love motivates me to serve them like never before.

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Anonymous said...

The lazy days of summer! I hope you all can play, rest, and recharge. Love you all!