Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Weekends Full of Friends

I am a social person. I love being with people. Although I am a little shy.... Except with those that know me best. Like college friends. Friends I have known and loved for 14 years. Women who knew me before I knew Adam. Before really I knew myself fully. They were with me as made some awesome memories and with me through some hard times too. They watched me fall in love and then witnessed me marry him. They have loved on my babies though mostly through likes and comments on Instagram since we are spread across the South.  Our lives are busy and different. But the times we get together are always sweet and full of laughter and deep conversations catching up on life.  

You just can't make friends like that anymore. And while I do have friends in Tuscaloosa that I love dearly, I am always lonely for my girls. 

The past few weeks I got a great big dose of college friends! Adam and I talk a lot about how neither one of us were somebody's favorite friend. Throughout college and high school we were both the third, fourth or fifth friend. And because of this (and probably because we are both conflict avoiders and easy going) we found ourselves members of several groups of friends. One weekend I met one group of AOPi friends in Nashville and then the next weekend I got to host a baby shower and then hang out with another set of AOPi friends and my roommates. 

In Nashville we ate great food, shopped, went line dancing, hung out in the hot tub, order in pizza ,ate ice cream, watched funny YouTube clips and of course talked for hours on end. We didn't want the weekend to end! 

Lindsey, Emily, Taylor, and Susan 

Hot tub selfies. It was cold.

College and current picture. 

The next weekend was the baby shower for my sweet friend Stacy. Afterwards four of us headed out to dinner in Homewood and getting a chance to catch up! Lauren, Leslie and Jamie lived in the dorm with me our Junior year when. We were all officers. We have lots of fun stories.... Our short evening just wasn't enough for me and I hope we make a regular habit of getting together! I

I love my boys so much, but I sure do enjoy time to remember who I am apart from mom and wife. I am so thankful that God has given me such great amazing friends. They kept me out of trouble and helped me grow up! 

Now I need some catch up time with another set of roommates that have known me over 22 years! Laudan and Megan pick a date for a catch up dinner! 

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Laudan said...

I was just thinking the SAME thing!! I actually just told Megan this morning we needed to plan a dinner ASAP :-) I miss you!!