Monday, February 17, 2014

The Sweetest Thing

Today is my birthday and I turned old. But today Adam did the sweetest thing... When you are nine years into marriage and knee deep in the adventures of parenting sometimes you feel like you get lost. Lost in the duties, dirty clothes and dishes, laughs and bedtime routines. Many times you both may pick the easiest path. Not because you are any less in love but because you are worn with all the lovely and busy things life brings. 

Today Adam took time off work to drive to Birmingham and get me my favorite cupcake. It seems simple, a cupcake. But to me it is precious. For my practical husband make this special trip was more meaningful than diamond earrings. I am spoiled by his love. And his cupcakes. I am thankful he put actions to his words! 

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! Good job Adam! I hope your day was a great one!
Love, Sandra