Monday, February 3, 2014

The Snow That Shut the Town Down

Well it really wasn't snow that shut it down but ice. 
It was a normal Tuesday. There was a rumor of a dusting of snow. And a long to do list at work. James said IF we got something it would minor. And you all know how I feel about James. I went about the day like normal. Even when I noticed the snow falling outside school I didn't think much about it. It wasn't til an hour later and the snow was still coming and blanketing everything in a pure white clean layer I thought, "they are about to call it". That idea of a sweet afternoon in the snow and hot chocolate with my littles quickly turned to worry as the snow turned quickly to ice about the same time the city shut down schools, university and offices all at once. The result was wrecks and traffic jams and three hour trips home. 
 Once we (me and the boys) were home we spent a little bit of time outside before I began fretting about Birmingham and our family. Adam's parents stuck downtown, Jenn on the road for hours trying to get Lillie and Xander from preschool, numerous friends stuck and separated from kids and husbands, Michael stuck overnight at OMMS, and Dad at DCH.

 But God is of course faithful and our loved ones were all safe and warm. And we ended up with two days out of school and work. And 36 hours of PaPa time. And of course some cute pictures of my snow babies.

Many stories of kindness of strangers and neighbors were abundant during this ice storm. I needed to see and hear them. Sometimes the world and its busy pace makes the world seem cruel and cold but you throw in a disaster and you get to see human nature at its best as people did their best to help; Like my best friend's mother who opened her home to several stranded strangers and made them feel safe, warm and at home. People like that really put a face onto God's love!

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