Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Six Year Old Photo Shoot

I took my energetic joyful six year old out this very cold afternoon to take some pictures to capture at six. It is hard to top these sweet pictures from his five year old shoot. Did I mention it was freezing!? He was so enthralled with the ruins at Capitol Park it was hard to keep him focused. But that is so Noah these day. He is a little self conscious about his smiles. So some came out a little awkward. But that works. Because the point is to capture him now. And here he is. Love him!

This one might be my fave!

The lashes y'all...

Example of the hundred others with the awkward face ;) 
I was thankful he let me take his pictures. You never know. I adore him. He is just so full of life. And questions! :)

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