Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Birthday Celebrations

Noah started celebrating his birthday Friday with football brownies in his Kindergarten class and a round of "Happy Birthday". Here is Noah with his Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Flowers. She is awesome and we love her like crazy!

On Saturday we celebrated with a house divided tailgate. I didn't do an awesome job about taking pictures of the decorations. But we borrowed a tailgate tent and set it up over the food. We had shakers and serving dishes for both of Noah's loves. We invited his class and his close neighborhood friends and his cousins. Noah had a blast and my heart overflowed with joy watching him play with his new friends.

 Happy Birthday to my silly boy! 

 Baby Sam getting some cupcake? 
 Nana and Miller Man. 
 Noah and his classmates and Mrs. Flowers two babies. 
 Noah and his best buds from school being silly! 

 Some more of Noah's sweet school friends! 

After the fun party we headed to Birmingham to watch the Tigers play with our family. It was really great of them to put on such a great game for Noah's birthday! Noah had a blast playing with his cousins at Jenn and Jason's house for a pizza dinner!

I loved this day. (Despite a sinus headache!) I love watching how God answers prayers. This summer I was so nervous about Noah and his class. I desperately wanted him to make good friends and to learn to love and appreciate all kinds of people. His party to me was God's way of showing me we made a good choice for him. He is happy and thriving and learning. And making good friends.

Happy Birthday Noah! I know you felt super celebrated and I hope it helped you see how loved you are!


Mom said...

It was a wonderful day, all day long! The party was fun for all ages. I really enjoyed meeting Noah's school buddies and watching him have so much fun. Another great BDay party. Three cheers for Mom & Dad for making it all happen....and the Tigers for "icing the cake", so to speak!

Anonymous said...

It was a great day! I love watching little boys having fun! Noah, you are such a joy to my heart. When you came into the world I became Nana! Your Nana.. Since then you've had my heart. I love to spend time with you, anytime. You are growing and learning so much! I love it! Thank you for loving me!
Nana loves you! Forever.

jennifer said...

I am so far behind and catching up was an awesome day! I remember trying to find sec athletic shorts and rushing to Tuscaloosa in time for an awesome bday party....and rushing back to Bham to have pizza club in Noah's honor for the Auburn was so awesome that the whole living room shook in the last three minutes of the game...we jumped and screamed and the house moved! We were blessed to be back home and share these amazing memories!!