Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Five Year Photo Shoot

I wanted to catch Noah at this moment in his life. Five. Football. Energetic. Beautiful. And still so innocent. So we grabbed the last of today's sunshine and snapped a few hundred of this little boy. I love him so very much  and love watching him grow and discover the worlds around him. I love his curiosity and energy. I love the many ways he shows kindness to his brother. I love the way he loves school and learning new things. I love the one million questions a day. And the fierce hugs when I pick him up at daycare. Lately I am humbled by the way he asks to pray for his wife. Sweetness. I think about my life before Noah and it seems so far off and different. Quiet and colorless. Noah is brightness. And a joyful noise. Lots of joyful noise. I am blessed to be his mom. I am better for being his mom. I look forward to watching him grow another year older. And all the adventures he takes us on along the way.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! I can hear his laugh in those pictures! He is a joy! Nana loves you:)

HB said...

Oh. My. Word. I just love these...that is all. LOVE!