Saturday, August 24, 2013

The First Day of Kindergarten

On Monday of this week Noah and I started a new adventure at our new school. I had a big weekend planned but Noah was feeling sick and threw up twice! It could have been a stomach bug or nerves or just excitement. Anyway I didn't do the Back to School Dinner and tried to down play it. That morning was also my first day of school at my new job. So I went to the gym to work out some nerves and stress of my own. I met Adam and Noah at school and we walked to class. He was nervous and didn't want us to go. Nearly broke my heart. Adam and I tore ourselves away. But it was easy for me knowing I could pop in at any time! Noah's teacher is awesome. I love her. I think we will be great friends!

Noah had a good week. He is not apparently a fan PE. He doesn't just love it. But he enjoys it while he is there. He is making friends, slowly. He loves having me in the building. The feeling is mutual. He is making fans out of the teachers and capturing hearts. Then he comes home totally worn out. In bed most night before 7:30. I think he is going to really love it in a few more weeks!

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Anonymous said...

I hope everyone has a wonderful year! The school sounds like a great place. Fun learning!