Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Back to School Photo Shoot

Brooke and Noah have been going to CHUMC Daycare together since the winter of 2008 when they were tiny little babies. This fall they embark on a new adventure. Kindergarten. They will be going to different schools. But Jennifer and I had been talking about their first day photos since they were two. Since the actual morning of the first day of school is incredibly chaotic, we bribed the children to dress up and do the pictures the night before. They both had great first days and Jennifer and I both kept it together (publicly). These are the official back to school pictures of 2013-2014! Sweet cuties!  

 I also took a few of Miller Biller. But he said " I go Kindergarten too! " My heart can't take that. He wants to be big. Look at those sweet cheese faces!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Precious children!