Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The New Job

I have spent the past few weeks in just sheer praise of God and the blessings He has poured out on me through my new position. I am loving it. Loving it. I hug on babies. Tie shoes. Help teachers. Train teachers. Learn new things. Unpack masses amounts of new boxes full of our new reading curriculum. I put babies in their parent's cars at the end of the day. I go to middle school dress code fashion shows. My daily schedule is chock full. I literally have no time to catch my breath. But it is good. I like that kind of busy. I log over 13,000 steps by 3:00.  We are still moving into our new building that was opened after having to be remodeled after the tornado. We have some growing pains. (Like the fact I still don't have a computer attached to the network or printer.) I adore the STEAM projects and Seven Habits Leadership going on around me. I walk around just happy as can be, thanking God for the blessings all around me. And then I walk down the hall and peek in to Noah's classroom and see him excited and learning and laughing and I am completely overwhelmed with thankfulness. 
My classroom decor.....needs work. 
 Of course there are many things I am not sure how to do just yet. And some stress. But it is a different kind. The kind a good calendar, to do list, and organization can handle.  There are still kids who need an extra smile and hug just like in my old classroom. There are still places for me to be a light. It is just a little bit easier to shine.
A we made it through the first week happy from our administrators. 
 I am sure as I get into I might feel a little more stressed or overwhelmed. But I am just taking it one day at a time. And being sure to thank God for all of it as I go.....
First mail in the pony from my new school :) 


Adam said...

And you're not as tired emotionally and physically despite the 13,000 steps. Thankful to God for his provision in our life right now.

Laudan said...

That's awesome Carrie! Congratulations!!!

Robin said...

So happy for you! Those steps challenge Chris! He keeps up with his too. Can't wait to follow along this year!

Anonymous said...

This job is such a blessing for you all!