Monday, May 27, 2013

The Star Wars Family Night

Last summer Adam tried to watch Star Wars with Noah and it had a huge scratch in it. Things got busy and we didn't get another copy. Adam got a new copy for his birthday and Noah was excited to get to watch the movie. I think it is a little boy rite of passage. Noah suggested that we make it a family night. He loves him some family nights.
We made light sabers. (Don't use Sharpies....they rub off on the Jedi Knights' hands.)

 And Yoda Ears.  (Miller loved them so much he slept in them!)
Chewie cookies. (Thought I had the googly eyes but had to use paper.)

Then the baby went to bed and the big boy watched Star Wars with Mom and Dad and ate a bucket of popcorn. At some points I would stop and look at them and think about how cute they are and how much pleasure it gives me to create memories with them. And memories of them being adorable.

My favorite moment of the night....
During the light saber  fight Noah said, "I am your Father...." to which Miller replied. " I your brother."


Princess Carrie, I am your mother said...

Awwww Carrie...what a delightful night! You are a great Jedi mom. Did you put your hair in two braided buns at the side of your head?

Carrie said...

I won't lie, I did consider it!

Anonymous said...

What a fun night! I love those ears! Your SS 6th graders are going to love your crafts:-)