Monday, May 27, 2013

The Lost Tooth

My sweet baby boy.....when did you get so big?

A minute ago you were a sweet little baby in my arms and then you were graduating preschool and reading me stories. Then you lost your first tooth.... (It is really your second tooth since you lost one in the fall due to an accident. We are going to count it.)

The tooth fairy was excited to bring you two dollars and slide it under your pillow and keep your tooth in a safe place.

Your little brother who adores you went around for a day or so wiggling his not loose teeth trying to convince us his tooth was loose too.

I am just not sure that you could be any cuter, my love. My heart is simply full of love as you get bigger and bigger.

I sometimes wish I could freeze time so you could be mine a little longer. But the truth is, you are not mine. You are His. And I am sure He is proud of the boy you are growing into. Toothless grin and all.


Mimi said...

Adorable pictures of little mr. No tooth!

Anonymous said...

The pics captured Noah! He is a mover and shaker. I do love you Noah,