Monday, May 27, 2013

The Memorial Day

Adam had to work today. So we decided to have a BBQ picnic on the quad to celebrate Memorial Day. We enjoyed the perfect weather and food. The boys had fun running around. This was one of my first holidays trying to be good. I used whole wheat buns for the BBQ and had salad and fruit as a side instead of the usual beans and mac and cheese. But then I did succumb to a mini vanilla cupcake. But it was a mini.... but then I may have had another one at nap. At least I hit the gym. Baby steps.
Big Man got a big boy haircut. I am adjusting. 

Adam's student worker  came to lunch with us and snapped a family photo! 

Too cute. 


Robin said...

So handsome with the big boy cut!

Caroline H said...

I can't see your body but your face looks skinny! Keep up the hard work!

Anonymous said...

Noah really looks like a big boy with that new cut! Ready for big school:-) Nana loves you!