Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Mother's Day

My mom. There are very few words to express how thankful I am for her. As I reflected this weekend on what my mother's biggest gift to me was it came very easily. My mom gave me Christ. I may have accepted Him in a Sunday School room and recommitted myself several times along my path without her being physically there. But it was her love for Him that brought me to Him. It was her relentless seeking Him and His wisdom modeled for me day in and day out that showed me what His love looked like. It was every frantic phone call or late night talk with her about my worries, fears and concerns that she responded "have you prayed?". It was the hours and hours she spent in prayer for me and the journals where my name and those prayers are recorded. What would my life be like if she had wavered or relented in her quest of Christ? How would my boys lives look different if I sought Him a little harder? There are a million things and moments I could thank her for but the biggest are those she spent on her knees for me. I constantly reap the benefits of her love relationship with our Savior.

My Mother's Day began with the traditional  breakfast in bed. Followed by church and some leftovers and a good nap. After naps we went to the library and then treated the boys to some McDonald's and playground time at the RiverRoad Park. Then we followed it up with some TCBY. Then Adam and I had some Hokkido take out when the boys were asleep or in bed..... as I can hear them talking as I type. They were just dying to share a room tonight. Noah picked out a present for me from Target. A pink necklace, since pink is my favorite color. I was so touched by his thoughtfulness. A great day celebrating my favorite thing about motherhood.... watching my kids be happy :) Happy Mother's Day to all and to all a good night. I'm going to wrap this day up with a bubble bath.

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