Friday, March 8, 2013

The Sixty Ways She Showed Me Love

Happiest of Birthdays to Mimi.
 My mom. 
60 things I want to thank you for.......
1.Loving me.... 2. fairy houses when I was little    3. disciplining me     4. saying no to me as a teenager   5. making me do somethings on my own   6. tea parties     7. watching dance recitals both real and impromptu   8. your many prayers over me   9. new pajamas, my favorite meal, and a hot bath when I came home sick from Auburn one time   10. Bath and Body Works when I made the basketball team in eighth grade so I wouldn't get too smelly :)  11. trusting me    12. reading to me so much   13. my big sister   14. my little sister   15. cultivating my imagination    16. shielding me   17. loving Dad so I would know how to love Adam    18. cleaning up after me    19. surprise muffins    20. teaching me how to bake cookies     21. listening to me talk. Endlessly.   22. stocking my fridge and setting up my dorm room while I was in Rush practice    23. loving my children so much   24. making me feel so special   25. honoring your parents in their final moments   26. creating memories for my boys   27. surprising me with a limo for my wedding after we had crossed it out of the budget   28. playing dolls   29. letting me mess up the kitchen   30. writing me many love notes   31. planting scripture in my heart   32. praying for my husband since I was small, he turned out well   33. telling me I am beautiful inside and out   34. letting me cry    35. helping me be strong    36. modeling motherhood    37. rocking my babies   38. rocking me    39. Stockings    40. helping me up to labor and delivery when I thought I was going to give birth to Miller in the car   41. my 21st birthday dinner   42. birthday cakes  43. birthdays in general ;) 44. letting me get dirty playing outside   45. having rules, good ones   46. not killing me when I backed into that car, or those cars   47. Or the time I got that speeding ticket on 280.   48. modeling faithfulness  49. Loving me with God's love so I could see what it looked like, what it felt like   50. giving me confidence  51. Listening selflessly to me complain on the phone   52. not ever trivializing my worries and problems  53. reminding me to pray first 54. being such an amazing grandmother 55. painting my room green, blue, red.... and then my kids' rooms    56. helping me throw birthday parties  57. having such an open door for my friends   58. taking Adam's side    59. spoiling me so much   60. Being my best friend all along.....
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you so much more than I express. I hope to make all your sacrifices and love for me not in vain. Where would I be without your love?

 I asked Miller to tell me the things he loved about Mimi....Guess what he said? 
Keys. Van. We will work on him :) 

 I asked Noah the same thing....He said because you love him. And you bring him prizes. And make things with him. And play with him :) Maybe gifts and quality time are his love languages? :)

Hope this is your best year yet! Happy birthday! We love you!


dad said...

For me the list is endless for reasons.
I am glad she is here with me and all of us.
I hope she has a great birthday today and many more, I really want to grow old with her.


Shea said...

What an incredible list! Hope my kids can say half as much as that when they are older!