Friday, March 8, 2013

The Perfect At Home Saturday

February was so busy. Good. But busy. Every weekend away from home. Laundry and dust piled high. Last weekend we were at home. All weekend and it was perfect......
Slept in.
Cleaned the whole house.
Grocery store.
Several loads of laundry.
Dr. Seuss family night.
Lunch with friends.
Afternoon nap.
Restful. Sweet. Memorable and normal.

A little more  about family night:
In January we had a winter themed family night with stories, crafts, special meal and dessert. The boys both loved it and Noah has been asking for another ever since. I picked Dr. Seuss because it was his birthday and perfect stories for new little reader. And well, it is all over Pinterest for easy ideas.

Our story and ham.

Green eggs. 

Thing 1 and Thing 2 artwork.

One Fish Two Fish cupcakes from a local bakery. 

Happy boys.

The best part was topping the night off watching The Lorax. All together  on the couch. All snuggled up for our first movie night. So sweet. 

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