Friday, March 1, 2013

The Garden Play

Sunday after Aunt Emy got married we spent some time tying up loose ends at Mimi's and the cousins played in the garden for a long time until it was too dark and too cold.

 They played in the "river" and I swayed in the hammock.

It made me excited about Spring. And finishing things at Grannyland where the boys can play in the dirt until they can't anymore.

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Mimi said...

That afternoon was some serious inspiration for Grannyland work for me also. It made me so happy to have them messing around in my garden. I look forward to summer evenings at GL, roasting hotdogs, catching lightening bugs, playing flashlight tag...and hosing those dirty little boys off before letting them inside to get ready for the "sleeping closet."
Sigh! Just a dream and A LOT of hard work away! See you there.....