Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Brotherhood

One of the very best parts of my holiday was watching my two little boys be together and play together. In interest of the truth I would be amiss if I suggest that they played sweetly and just shared and blew kisses. But ...they did play for long stretches together in complete joy. They shared a bedroom. Miller wanted his NOO A every possible second and got so much happiness out of his nearness. He became Noah's little shadow. And nothing makes this Mamma's heart happier than watching them play and strengthening their relationship. I will carry this memory of them this Christmas in my heart and save it for days when they don't get a long too well. The memory will spur me on to pray for their brotherhood and relationship. I hope and pray that it will be the kind of brotherhood that reflects God's love. And that they will grow up to be best friends and to support each other in all life's big and little struggles.

 Tonight they both sat in my lap and read stories. I prayed over them both and just breathed them in. (Thankfully they had just come out of the tub and smelled so clean;) ) Noah asked to rock with us a song. And I held them both tight and sang. How sweet and fleeting are moments like that one.
 Before I know it they will be seventeen and fifteen and I will barely be able to get them to be still long enough tell me about their day. I am so thankful for the time to love on them and to pour into them. I hope we get a few more nights in the rocking chair...although I may need to loose several pounds so we can all fit. I will rock them as long as they let me.....

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Mimi said...

Sniff! Tears.
They are growing so fast.
So. Sweet.