Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Auburn Game

f a picture is worth a thousand words, here are about a million. I cannot put into words how special this day was for me. It was so much fun to take Noah to a game and spend the day loving on him and building memories in a place that brings so much warmth to my heart. Noah loves football these days and is torn between Alabama and Auburn. With a heavy lean for the Crimson Tide. We live in Tuscaloosa. What can we do? So I spent the day showing him all the things we love about Auburn. Except turkey wraps and Chicago Sauce. I think he gets it..... a little bit.

I love Auburn. And Noah. And especially sharing Auburn with my Noah. What a great way to celebrate five amazing years!!


Laudan said...

Carrie you are SO talented!! I love all the pictures and from the 5 year old shoot too. They are really beautiful!!! Your pictures make me miss Auburn!! Noah has grown up so much, he is precious!!

dad said...

Nice photos. An even an Alabama fan can appreciate the elixir known as Toomer's Lemonade.