Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Birthday Day

Friday Noah turned five. I cannot really wrap my head around it nor my heart. I won't really go into it all and just the simple amazingness this little one is. Instead I'll just recap his day. Because that is much easier on my my heart.
He woke up to balloons all over his floor and silly string. Breakfast and presents. Then it was off to school. Later I escaped work for a bit to take his class some cupcakes. His classmates love the camera! We let Miller join the celebration too.

After school Noah and Miller got in Papa's red racecar.... and we met up for dinner with the grandparents at Noah's favorite restruant Goodnight Moon. Or Full Moon BBQ to the rest of us. Then we headed to Nana and Puddin's house for cake!

After cake my mom and I went to see Breaking Dawn Part II which I felt was her way of celebrating with me the five year anniversary of becoming a mom. It is fun,scary and wonderful all wrapped up in dirt laundry and kisses.
Adam and I like to make Noah's birthdays special and give him lots of one on one time. In the past I have taken time off but schedules didn't allow for that. But instead of a trip to McWane or the Zoo we headed to Auburn on Saturday. Noah had been to a game before when he was one but this would be his first time in his memory. And he was super excited. I may have taken a few pictures.......

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