Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Things Out of Mouths of Four Year Olds

Noah is hilarious these days. Really funny. I wish I could DVR our conversations. I need to do a better of recording them. For example......

Noah: Mom, am I going to go to your school when I am thirteen?
Me: Umm...probably not. Mommy's school is far away and there is a high school right across the street where your friends will be. (Inside my head I am praying that by that point we are zoned for Auburn High, Homewood, Hoover, Spain Park....)
Noah: Do your students have goody box? You should put my old toys in it. They would like it. Who ever is gooder gets to get in the goody box.
Me: Well, I'm not sure my students would like toys. They don't really play with toys.
Noah: What! (His eyes triple in size) Teenagers. Don't. Play. With.Toys!!??

This tidbit rocked his world.

Here is another:
Noah: Am I going to be a football player in college?
Me: Sure if you want to be. We can practice hard and really work at.
Noah: No I think I'll just be a NASCAR driver. How do I practice that? I guess you just open the car door and get out and stand there.

I love the way his little mind works!

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Anonymous said...

So cute! But I vote for a football player. Love you Noah!