Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Growing Little One

My favorite time of day is story time. The three of us exhausted from the fight and fun bath time is in our house. Many nights we end up snuggled up in the green chair in Miller's room. At least for a story or two. If I am lucky we "rock a song" or two together. But a lot of nights it is just me and Miller. And I drag out every second. Rocking an extra song, playing little games and reviewing new words added to his vocabulary. We end with me holding him tight and praying over him. I thank God for the small moments at the end of the day and for the time I have where he still fits in my arms. And that his biggest problems are that I said no to "tandy" and made him get out of the tub. I look down the hallway to Noah's room where Adam is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and answering Noah's big boy questions. And I remember how quickly the rocking, tickling, and peek a boo games pass. 

My Dearest Miller, 
Oh how your Mommy loves you.... I love your tiny voice and the way you whisper "yes". I love the way you adore your brother and how you follow him around and respond to him with enthusiasm. I love your smile and your curiosity. I totally love the way you never give up on challenges. You try and try to get that thing you want. Maybe some might call it stubbornness  I love the way you let me hold you for as long as like at bedtime. But even more than Daddy and I love you Jesus loves you so much more. He loves you. Completely and unconditionally. He never loses patience with your stubborn ways. He created you that way. He knows you inside and out. He is constant. He will never leave you. I wish that I could force your little heart to chose Him. But all I can do is point you in His direction and help you to recognize His love. And hopefully teach you to love others. So many times I watch you loving life and I want to freeze you in time so that you will always be innocent and protected from the world. But you are not mine. You belong to the King of Kings and He has written your story .... I look forward to watching it unfold .... even if I wish it would slow down just a little. Never forget how much I love you and your brother! 

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