Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Stressbusting

At school I took on some extra responsibility. If I tried to explain my new position it would take several paragraphs. Let us just leave it at this impacting at risk students + lots of paper work +lots of meetings+ my regular duties = lots of stress.  But I am happy and excited about the things God has planned for me at this job. At the same time my body seems determined to hang on to every possible pound and even multiply them right on my stomach. My hair is falling out. And I'm not sleeping that well. So I need some stress outlets. Tonight I went mailbox  sprinting. Fun times. I looked a bit like Phoebe on Friends running through Central Park. But I feel better. Lets hope I make a habit of it.

On a side note... Noah can not decide what to be for Halloween. Batman. Ghost. Dinosaur. An alien?? What? Just a few weeks to decide and throw something together.

On another note Miller has lost Spikes. Both of them. He had them outside after school yesterday and now gone. Gone. Neighbors have searched their houses and garages. Where can they be?

I need two really great Halloween desserts for the party. Ideas?


Robin said...

Will pray for you and the stress. I can't imagine that beautiful hair falling out. I can imagine the not sleeping. Been there. I mean, apart from newborns. Noah will make the cutest batman/ghost/dinosaur/alien ever! And we lost a stripes this week. It's in the house somewhere but we cannot find it. Maybe Nana has an extra Spikes?

Anonymous said...

I will pray for Spikes to be found soon!! A little exercise is a great stress reliever, but then you have to have time to do that. Some people will say," You make time for what's important to you." Which is so true unless your a mom with small children. They win out everytime. I'm sorry I don't have any easy answers, but I can pray. Love, Sandra

Mom said...

I have an extra Spikes here. Shall I put him in the mail tomorrow?