Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Heavy

Do you ever feel so very heavy? My heart is heavy. My head feels heavy. With stories that aren't mine to tell.  My to do list is too long.  And there aren't enough hours in the day. But this little face keeps me going.
His latest aspiration is to move to to Birmingham so he can play football for the F airfield Tigers. And I can teach school there. And you know that makes me smile. Because he has no clue about inequality and in his sweet innocent eyes it looks like a great place to go to school. Their team beat ours and their band gave a lively half time performance. His heart is so light. Sometimes it hurts me to know the world out there just beyond his understanding is waiting to swallow up his innocent heart. The worst thing in his eyes is to lose a football game or for your brother to get a piece of candy when you don't . But at the same time I want him to hurt for God's people and to use that hurt to motivate him to move on God's behalf. To follow and listen. And to be the hands and feet. Heavy.
But that can wait for a few years. For now I'll be happy with sharing. And pretend football games.

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Anonymous said...

He is so sweet!! Thank God for the precious life of Noah! He changed our world almost 5 years ago. Love, Love, Love him!! I always wanted to be a Nana.