Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Coffee Drinking

Blame it on the two rambunctious boys. Blame it on the job. Blame it on all the things I wish I had the energy to do. Or even the sleeplessness. But whatever the reason I have recently turned to coffee as an answer. It started off slow.  It was something to do socially. "Let's meet for coffee!" And I would get a hot chocolate. But then I needed more caffeine. Then the school had coffee once a month last spring. But then this year it is on Friday.... And then what do you know I pull out the old coffee pot, bought some coffee and creamer  And suddenly I'm in business as a coffee drinker and feeling all the better for it.

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Emily Graves said...

hey! im on this health diet mess called Advocare- its really awesome. all nutrition, vitamins, electrolytes, etc. they have an "energy drink" called spark you can take up to 3 times a day. you mix it in 8ox of water and drink it 30mins before meals. i can get you some if you want to try!! its super tasty too!