Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Busy Month

Have you missed me? 
It has been a busy September. We spent one weekend helping my parents work at restoring my granny's house. (Well Adam worked, we played.) I spent one weekend in Auburn with some college friends for a fun reunion and football. The other weekend was spent catching up on laundry, chores and playing outside. Mondays,Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays are spent trying to hang on for Friday. Noah is playing soccer on Thursdays and then church on Wednesdays. School is kicking my tail. A new schedule, new bigger responsibilities, too many committees, difficult classes, a huge grant with lots of accountability, and well you know actual teaching have me spinning my wheels and I find my self leaving later and later every afternoon. Throw in  a two year old who gets time out everyday for not listening to his teachers and a curious and energetic four year old and you have me. Exhausted. But living life and trying hard to love it. I'm praying and asking Jesus to meet me where I am. And He does. In so many ways. From smiles, side ways hugs from giant eighteen year old kids, orange pants, green traffic lights, help from interns, funny questions from fours year olds, "love you" from a two year old with a limited vocabulary, a stolen conversation with my mom, a pretty new necklace, tight hugs from my Daddy, Facetime, the feeling I get when I step on to Auburn's campus, a glass of wine with old friends, texted encouragements, emails , and good bubble baths. 
Bath time at the Jones house. 

Playing with Brooke.
Favorite sunset from the month.
Good friends.
Grannyland. Dreaming. 

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Mom said...

Yes! I have missed you, busy one! Although it gave me extra time to admire those little "I am 2" cousins.
I love the picture of the boys looking out the window at Grannyland. It made me cry. It will keep me going back, working hard to finish , dreaming the dream. Some day it will be ready....and I think you will be more then ready for the place of respite it will be.