Monday, September 3, 2012

The Cousins Who Are All Two

Over the weekend we were briefly all together to take some cute pictures of the littlest ones in some cute shirts my mom had made for them. There is just something about having three two year olds running around that she wanted to capture. I think it was cuteness.

Xander takes his role as the oldest two very seriously. 

My very favorite!

A few tickles from Mimi got things rolling. 

Here she comes for more. 

Lillie loves giving sugar! 

We are two. 

How did you do that Xander?

There is now candy involved.....

Miller's version of sugar.

All five of the Key grandchildren. Thrilled. 

Michael is such a good sport!

More Lillie sugar

Telling secrets. 
It is so hard to imagine that one day these three will all be sixteen together. What I love the most is the fun they have together. And how they remind me of innocence. My two sisters and I are different and is fun to see the differences in motherhood and to share and watch in wonder in the blessings God has given us in sweet, loud, adorable, energetic little ones.

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Mimi said...

Thanks, Carrie!
They CUTE and very, very TWO!